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You just had a WAFA moment!

When was the last time you put a fork in your mouth and tasted a salad that made your eyes roll into the back of your head and made you think “OMG!” You wanted to say it, but we know it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.

You just had a WAFA moment!

I'll tell you more about that but right now, a little about me. I was born in Damascus, Syria to a wonderful parents. I am the eldest to one brother and one sister. My family moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I grew up and studied English Literature. At the age of 20 I married with the man of my dreams. We raised a happy family. I am now a widow, a mother to wonderful son and daughter and I have 4 beautiful endearing granddaughters who are endless source of smiles and wonder.

Wafa with kids

It is because of my family,

I knew I had to improve the quality of my health.

"I developed my own weight loss program that WORKS!"

In 2005 my daughter helped me with two natural herbs Spirulina and Lingzhi, which she sent to me from Bahrain, and later I also received from her Lingzhi coffee, which was very helpful in me losing weight. The product effects were amazing as I was using them for the whole year and felt so much better. My crises were reduced, my pain was less, and no more hospitals and medications. I was very happy with the products and satisfied, especially when my depression was gone and I lost 16kg within 8 months. I felt a lot relieved. It helped me start again a new life and my pains completly left me.

Taking the products and feeling their positive effects on me, made me more powerful to begin my own research on so many things that I needed to learn. This encouraged me to study Nutrition and become holder of a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education. This Diploma, was my challenge to help others on how to be healthy in a natural way.

As a result of my own education and knowledge and expertise, I created my own natural weight loss program. Being that I lost 16kg using my own program has resulted in awesome results for everyone who I have personally worked with!

The perfect weight loss plan...

developed from my desire in wanting to understand more!

Moving Forward...

Over the years, I have helped 100's of people just like you teaching health and nutrition on a global scale.

My business today is to help people change their lives for the better. So I conduct in English and Arabic trainings and seminars on health and wellness and motivate people to think positively to reach their dreams and be successful in life. I work with the intention of helping people realize their dreams and lead them to the way where they can achieve them.